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6.05.2013 Media Release From Halswell Residential College

Restructure at Halswell College confirmed.

Media Release 6 May 2013

Restructure at Halswell Confirmed

"Change that will meet future challenges and provide a unique and effective residential based education programme", is how Board of Trustees Chair, Simon Buckland is describing the restructure at Halswell Residential College (HRC), which was confirmed today.

Staff have been informed that 37 roles are being disestablished (6 of which are currently vacant) and 16 positions are being established.

A fall in HRC’s roll as a result of the earthquakes, together with the introduction of the Government’s Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS) have had significant effects on funding. The notional roll has been reduced by the Government from 90 to 60.

School principal Janine Harrington says a huge amount of work and consultation has gone into the restructure proposal process, and the many submissions received over the last few weeks provided extremely valuable feedback and ideas.

"We fully and carefully considered all feedback received and as a result, we made a number of changes to the final structure, different to what was presented in the original proposal. We are confident that this final structure will place us in a strong position to deliver effective residential based education and support for students with an intellectual impairment," says Harrington.

Halswell Residential College intends to increase its focus on the formal teaching and learning of the residential curriculum, including more formalised programmes of self-care, and social and living skills, more closely linked to NZQA qualifications. This will provide a unique and effective residential based education programme, with more of a focus on the development of student’s individual education and behaviour management plans and NZQA goals on a 24/7 basis.