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College Life

The College delivers a intensive 24/7 curricula, made up of the Day School Curriculum and the Residential Curriculum.

HRC offers a functional and integrated educational programme with a focus on the development of Key Competencies and the principles and values of the New Zealand National Curriculum. We work hard to assist students who stay here to leave with a National Certificate in Work and Community Skills (Supported Learning).


Day School Curriculum Learning Areas

Our classrooms cater to the educational needs of students in the
Day School depending on the needs of the cohort at any given time.George Hongi

The school has an emphasis on physical education with a dedicated PE teacher whose work includes organising regular PE classes, Special Olympic participation, interschool sports, outdoor education, and our daily fitness programme.

The Day School is supported by an Associate Principal who provides music, counselling and staff supervision, and a literacy, numeracy and NZQA specialist teacher.


Residential Curriculum Learning Areas

The residential curriculum was developed in response to the need for our students to be able to access and engage in 24/7 educational opportunities. Our students typically spend 6-18 months at HRC and it is our goal to develop their skills as much as possible during that time. The residential curriculum is largely based on adaptive skills from the Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System (ABAS-II) and encompasses Community Use, Leisure, Self-Care, Health and Safety, Functional Academics, Home Living, Communication and Cultural domains. It is designed to provide students with daily functional skills that:

  • Assist our students to interact with their environment as independently as possible.
  • Are necessary for our students to become contributing members of society.
  • Help our students develop a sense of dignity and worthiness.
  • Permit our students to problem solve appropriately and responsibly in life situations.
  • Are necessary for our students to manage their own personal affairs.


Residential Life

Under the Associate Principal Residential, the Residential Curriculum/House Manager manages the IEP Co-ordinators. The Kaiwhakahaere/House Manager manages the Youth Workers.

  • The Residential Curriculum/House Manager
    The Residential Curriculum/Villa Manager manages the operation of one villa and ensures consistent application of the curriculum, values and care provided to all students within the residences.
  • Kaiwhakahaere/House Manager
    The Kaiwhakahaere manages the operation of Tauawa Villa and ensures consistent application of the curriculum, values and care provided to all students within the residences. The Kaiwhakahaere provides for the cultural needs, development and involvement of the students and their iwi and whanau at HRC.
  • IEP Co-ordinators
    The IEP Co-ordinator provides effective management and co-ordination of the IEP and functional behaviour assessment (FBA) processes for the students of HRC and works closely with the teaching team in the day school to ensure a consistent approach to learning for the students.
  • Youth Worker
    The Youth Worker provides effective management and co-ordination of all recreational activities of the students in the residential function at HRC ensuring that these align with the residential curriculum, HRC values, and benefit the learning and skill development of the students.


Students live in one of three houses:

  • Whare Tauawa
    A whanau house for male students for whom an immersion in the Maori culture is of benefit.
  • House 1
    A house with an individualised programme to best meet the needs of female students.
  • House 2
    A house with an individualised programme to best meet the needs of male students.

The College has installed a sophisticated laser system which operates around each bed. Students can then feel secure that they are safe in bed and that any movement outside of the bed will be immediately detected by the night attendant. All movements are recorded electronically, logged by the night attendants and cross checked.


Support Services

HRC Specialist Services
The College has a specialist team consisting of a psychologist and a nurse.  Socially Speaking provide the College with on-site speech and language therapists and occupational therapists.

All students are enrolled for treatment at our local dental centre. Orthodontic treatment is the responsibility of parents. While the College is happy to take students to orthodontic appointments, payments must be arranged between the orthodontist and the parents.

In addition to our highly experienced contracted registered nurse, we also have a service contract with a local medical centre.