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The Start

After the earthquake of 2011 the College held discussions with the Ministry regarding its buildings and in particular the units that house the students. Following a very thick report commissioned by the Ministry it was decided that four new family-style villas (houses) would be built to accommodate up to 32 students. A multi-purpose learning environment (wharenui) will also be built, allowing students and staff to be together in a welcoming and multi-functional space. The redevelopment also included earthquake strengthening of the main school buildings and an upgrade of the accommodation provided for visiting parents/caregivers.

This process for the most fit-for-purpose design took a year. 

It all started on 10 December 2015, and by 30 January 2016 the following had been achieved:

  • The work area had been fenced off and Tauawa and Rakaia Villas had been demolished! This included an archaeologist being on site in case something was found while digging!
  • The arborist had removed the trees that would interfere with the rebuild. The trunks of the trees have been kept for a new adventure playground and the chip from the branches will be used on the College gardens.
  • The trenching guys put in new ICT and power pits.
  • The builders salvaged a kitchen and rebuilt it in Te Ara Villa.
  • Contractors laid new fibre optic cable and joined it up to the school’s servers. 

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