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Money Matching 1
Pairs game where you need to identify the same coins
Coin Click 1
Click on the coins to make the value displayed. When you have made the amount, the coins will disappear, floating coins will fall and a new amount to make will be shown. The goal of the game is to make all the coins disappear. If you click coins then decide you do not want them selected, click on the "Mistake" button to undo the selection.
Coin Click 2
Coin Change
This game has you working out the amount of change needed. The amount paid and price is displayed with the change needing to be worked out, (amount paid) - (price) = (change). The first two versions of the game have you selecting coins and notes from the cash register then dragging and dropping them onto the area with the hand to give the correct change. Once you have the correct change in the area, click on the submit button to see if you are correct. The other versions have you typing in the amount of change needed then clicking the submit button. Each game has 10 questions.
Coin Change 2
Coin Change 3