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Time Resources

Telling the Time
A telling the time game where you need to read the questions carefully to work out the answers. Good for developing the vocabulary associated with time. Uses analogue and digital representation. Lends itself to use on an interactive whiteboard
Bang on Time
A game to help you tell the time. Read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position. You can adjust the speed of the hands.
24 Hour Time
This site which is suitable for use on an interactive whiteboard explains the 24 hour clock. It explains how the digital numbers are read and there is an interactive test.
Stop the Clocks
Match the o'clock times with the times on the clock
Difference between two times.
This site can help you to work out the difference between two times based on twenty-four hour clock times
A matter of time
Lesson Plans - Telling Time: Lesson 1 - Hours · Lesson 2 - Half Hours · Lesson 3 - Five Minute Intervals · Lesson 4 - TwoWays to Read Time · Lesson 5 ...