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Referrals to the College are now through the Ministry of Education's Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS). The enrolment period is set by the Intensive Wraparound Service and reviewed at regular intervals in partnership with Halswell Residential College.


Click here to visit the MOE IWS website.

For further information please contact:

Anna McCoy
Student Co-ordinator
Phone:  03 339 7802

Enrolment Criteria

Students, residing anywhere in New Zealand, may be enrolled at Halswell College if: 

  1. they are in years 6-10 of schooling at the time of enrolment, and
  2. they have an underlying intellectual impairment, and
  3. there is a record of the provision of intervention and support within the student’s local community that has not been able to achieve change for the student, and
  4. they have identified educational, social and emotional learning needs unable to be met locally, and
  5. they require significant adaptation of almost all curriculum content in comparison with their age group, and
  6. in the opinion of the Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS), their enrolment is unlikely to be detrimental to the safety of others. For example, on the judgement of the IWS, they will notbe exhibiting behaviours that may place other students at risk, inclusive of but not limited to overt violence
  • have a history of sexualised behaviours compromising the safety of others
  • currently, or have recently been in specialised, severe behavioural programmes
  • be under treatment for, or have been unresponsive to the treatment of any psychiatric illness, including suicidal ideation
  • be under, or have been unresponsive to treatment for substance abuse.


How much will it cost?

Charge for labeling clothing*             


Trust Account Deposit**


Student ID Card





 * On arrival at the College, each student's clothing is labelled with wash-proof labels.

** This money is held in each student's trust account and may be used if a small item of clothing needs to be purchased during the term, or medical costs arise, etc. This amount is required to be made up to the full amount at the end of the year.  The balance will be refunded when your child is withdrawn from Halswell College.


You will also be expected to pay for other costs during your child's time at Halswell Residential College Requests for these payments will be sent to you as events arise.

  • Clothing - all other clothing requirements as per the clothing list are your responsibility
  • Personal Effects – returned with your child
  • Optical and Orthodontic Expenses
  • Outdoor Education and Specialised Outings:
    • Camps
    • Skiing/Snowboarding (optional)

Halswell Residential College pays for transport (air, bus, or train) from Christchurch to the student's home town. Parents are responsible for transport costs between home and the nearest airport or travel depot.


Each student has two accounts at Halswell Residential College:

  1. Trust Account
    This is administered by the College office. All money for a student coming into the College is receipted and banked into this account.
  2. Bank Account
    Each student has their own bank account for personal use. This account and student spending is monitored by your child's IEP Co-ordinator.