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Board of Trustees

The members of the combined Halswell Residential College and Westbridge Residential School Board of Trustees represent a wide cross section of the community and are dedicated to ensuring the Student Achievement Objectives of the College, as written in the College Charter, are realised. They encourage the active participation of the parents and caregivers of students in our College and extend a warm welcome to you and your child as part of our College community.

The combined Board of Trustees is appointed by the Minister of Education to govern the College in accordance with the principles of our College Charter. The staff of Westbridge and Halswell elect one member. The Principals of Halswell and Westbridge are also members of the Board.

Board of Trustees - 2017


Board of Trustees Q&A

How do I contact the Board of Trustees?
If you wish to contact any member of the Board of Trustees, please telephone the Board Secretary for details (03) 339 7801.

I'd like to read the Board meeting minutes, where can I get these?
If you would like to do this, please contact the College office at, or contact the Board Secretary.