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Philosophy of Care and School Policies

Philosophy of Care

We believe in the rights of children and have developed the following
actions to underpin our practice.

Build Relationships /  Whanaungatanga

Build Relationships


  • We will create a relationship-based therapeutic milieu which is responsive to individual needs.

  • We will involve students, whanau and IWS in creating student learning goals.

  • We will seek ways to engage every student.

  • We will keep students physically and psychologically safe.

  • We will listen to and respond to students respectfully and model restorative practice even if their behaviour is hostile.

  • We will uphold students’ dignity and privacy.

  • We will have professional and collaborative partnerships to best meet student needs.

Be Resilient / Manawa-Roa

Be Resilient


  • We will model contagious calmness, persistence and resilience.

  • We will recognise students’ potential and build on their strengths.

  • We will provide a range of activities where students can relax, play and have fun.

  • We will ensure students can make mistakes without fear.

  • We will accommodate students’ physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs.

Reflect  /  Whaiwhakaaro



  • We will reflect on our practice and look for how we can do things better.

  • We will ensure students experience and celebrate success.

  • We will ensure that consequences are a learning opportunity.

  • We will capture the collective student voice to improve our practice.

  • We will provide opportunities for students to ask for help or advocacy.

  • We will provide a programme that is consistent and responsive to individual student needs.

  • We will give students an opportunity to be part of decision-making that affects them.

  • We will support students to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

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