What our graduates and their whānau say about HRC...

Former students Taylor (left) and Jordan (right) share their experiences on how HRC has helped them.

Student T

When I came to HRC I needed to learn how to control my anger. 


At HRC I learnt skills for controlling my anger.  I learnt to apologise on my own after I had time to think about it.


At HRC I never thought I would go on all the obstacles at the Adrenalin Forest.  

My family say I get along better with my brother now.

Student R

When I came to HRC I needed to learn self-management  and healthy eating.


At HRC I learnt to self-manage by choosing a good attitude and sticking to things. I learnt  breathing strategies, and brain breaks which help me calm down.


At HRC I never thought I

would be able to go to the supermarket and buy

ingredients to cook a meal,

cook it, and stick to a budget.

I also never thought I would enjoy sport as much as I have.

My family say that I look a

lot happier and do great self-managing.

Student J

When I came to HRC I needed to learn how to ignore other people's behaviour and not get angry.

At HRC I learnt deep breathing and how to walk away from bad behaviour.  My maths and reading also got better because I got to practise more.

At HRC I never thought I would go on an overnight tramp; or become a tuakana.

My family say my behaviour has improved and I don't get so angry when I am losing.

Student L

When I came to HRC I needed to learn life skills and how to  communicate with others.


At HRC I learnt how to care for myself better.


At HRC I never thought I would be so good at games, or my school work.


Former student Christian left HRC in 2015 and gained full-time employment in Christchurch, and earn his restricted licence. Both are awesome achievements. 

Christian completed the Christchurch ANZ Marathon in 2021. This was his first marathon and he ran the 42km course in an impressive time of 5:44.53 (with no training!). Long term, Christian has his sights set on the Rotorua Marathon. 

HRC was the most wonderful place for our moko.  

The magazine is a brilliant reflection on life at HRC. Lovely to see all those familiar faces and some new ones, and the smiling tamariki.


 - Former student's kuia, 2021

To the Principal and Staff.    

Thank you very much for the care and special life you are giving our grandson.   

We love him dearly, and we were so thrilled at the change in him when he came home in the holidays.   

This new grandson is a change so wonderful; we are so happy it boosts our life up. 

Thank you all. 

From his loving Grandparents