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Cost to Enrol at HRC
The initial costs of enrolling at HRC are as follows:


Charge for labelling clothing*      $40.00

Trust account deposit**               $100.00

Student ID card                                   $10.00

Total                                                       $150.00


 * On arrival at HRC, a student’s clothing is labelled with wash-proof labels.

** Each student has a trust account. This money is held in their trust account and may be used if a small item of clothing needs to be purchased during the term, a hair cut is required, or medical costs arise, etc.  This amount may need to be topped up at times. The balance will be refunded at the end of enrolment.


Other costs during a student's time at HRC may include optical, camps and specialised outings. Request for these payments will be forwarded, if required.


HRC funds transport from Christchurch to the nearest airport or travel depot to a student's home town (and vice versa).  Parents/caregivers are responsible for transport costs between home and the nearest airport or travel depot.


The College provides a uniform which is not charged to parents/caregivers. 


Each student has two accounts at HRC:

  1. Trust Account
    This is administered by the HRC office. All money for a student coming into HRC is receipted and banked into this account. Permission is gained from parents/caregivers before accessing this account (for purchases as above).


  2. Bank Account
    Each student has their own bank account for personal use. This account and student spending is monitored by the student’s IEP co-ordinator.

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